Before an Emergency

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You can do some things now to prepare for the unexpected:

  • Download our ‘Preparing for Emergencies Check List’ and take time to find out/complete the actions;
  • Refer to the Merseyside Community Risk Register to learn more about the potential emergencies that could happen where you live and the appropriate way to respond to them;
  • Develop a Household Emergency Plan;
  • Prepare an Emergency Grab Bag;
  • Make sure you have suitable insurance, the Association of British Insurers has useful information on home insurance;
  • Download the free Emergency App from the British Red Cross to receive targeted emergency alerts and information;
  • Once you have prepared your Household Emergency Plan and your Emergency Grab Bag practice evacuating your home, preparing your home for an emergency, checking that your emergency contacts are correct, know who to call in different emergency situations and using your grab bag.

Follow the links below to learn how you can get prepared:

Useful websites and recommended apps for downloading:

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